Lunch ride with friends is always good, especially now that the good season is coming. From Milano through the naviglio pavese there is a bike line that easily  rolls under the blossom threes while heron flight over your helmet. Sounds like an haiku and  properly it’s like an haiku.

It remind me the Eroica/Strade Bianche in Toscana. it’s quite different, but could be really similar… especially if your friend wear the Chianti Classico Jersey!

I can’t wait for it! Early morning wake up ( 5am!),cup of coffee than you register yourself at the start point and you start riding through the darkness! This year I have to remember to take the lights with me cause riding into the night is crazy especially without lights! So you rolls and you can see the first ray of light, you ride with the day and the day will follow you through the hills of chianti!  I’m not wandering, is exactly how the race is, with the “pane ed olio” ristoro, the ribollita soup, the red chianti wine, the funny people that offers you some eggs!…..but probably I only do that for the Ricasoli souvenir! Strange but true.

Don’t forget October 7 is the day, and this year I’ll do the crazy long one.….. I’m quite sure it will be epic!

Be kind