Ci siamo! Domani Ortu e Antton partiranno con la nostra caravan da Igorre, Paesi Baschi per una dieci giorni a base di bici, birra è bavè  ops, volevo dire pavé, cobbles, sampietrini, la tipica pavimentazione delle strade Fiamminghe! Quindi, mentre loro assaggeranno le strade della Ronde Van Vlaanderen, io e Mickael moriremo d’invidia…anche il Malatesta sarà un po’ invidioso da la sua Belino… specialmente giovedì prossimo, quando anche io e Mick raggiungeremo i battistrada  per gustarci anche noi un po’ di pavé, e per assistere alla mitica Paris-Roubaix! Che altro dire: non vedo l’ora di toccare con mano il tanto amato/odiato ” Hell Of The North“!

Un grazie a chi c’è stato vicino, a chi ci vuole bene e soprattutto a chi ci vuole male !



Hard to find a better place to dive into cycling, specially the week in between our two favourite northern classics; The classic of the classics, tour the Flanders and the exaggerated, Paris-Roubaix.

It is our aim to live every aspect of Flemish cycling. Enjoy the people and culture and taste the wind, rain, pavè, dust, mud and blood that makes this place that real and significant to ride. Besides the many wondrous cycling stories, Flanders still contains all the necessary ingredients to revive the epic historical cycling.



We can not deny that cycling has lately generated some disenchantment among fans. It is more than ever necessary to have a look back to look for the pure and noble values of our sport.

We look for adventure, loyalty, suffering and glory. In the past cyclists were considered as adventurers, they were rewarded for the effort and finishing races was an achievement on its own. Still a characteristic of cycling sport (see Paris-Roubaix) the recognition of the suffering is gradually becoming rare on a fast reward demanding society. We aim to get close to our limits, which makes us better individuals and friends. Why riding under the cold puring rain? Going to the snow or burning under the mid day summer sun? Why waking up at 4am for a 300km ride from Milan to Venice? People ask. We realize that we do deliberately choose to suffer. Suffer works as channel for purification and private reward, but we do it mainly for glory.

We are amateurs, we do not ride to break any record, we ride to enjoy it and we do it this way.