Where we are from, it’s quite normal to hear a comment that says “won’t rain until the wind stops blowing”. Don’t know if it’s your case too, if it’s, be aware that this doesn’t work for Belgium. Today we added two elements, wind and rain. Lot of wind and lot of rain actually. We also discovered that as a bad day do, pavè can also always go worse. Specially as you get closer to Roubaix. The Superclassieker is tough but  nothing we couldn’t handle. We are getting tougher every day. Above all, today it’s a special day because we’ve been on a very special place where you get goose pimples with the the smell of epic races. A place where you can still see the greatest champions still alive resting after the race. We’ve been in the showers of Roubaix old velodrome, a place reserved only for those brave riders that complete the race.