I didn’t think any cyclist keeps the pace when overtaking another. Therefore, when he first overtook me on the 15km climb where I normally train, I gave it all to keep his wheel supposing he couldn't keep that speed for so long. I was wrong, he did it and opened the gap to a negligible speed until he disappeared. Not sure if he deliveratelly cooked me up squeezing me along 5-6km.

Following week, same day and the same time, I go out for the appointment. I am more concentrated today, more determined and here he comes, he catches me higher up today. As last week did, he gives me the time to choose strategy, I regulate more today and my legs last for longer but still he slowly makes the gap and disappears.

The third time th

is happend I started to doubt about my psicological integrity, that contador style lightness couldn’t be real. Whether it's an imagination or not doesn't really make any difference, the guy exists and he has a name as every other existing thing. He is Mr Motivation.

My apologizes for the quality of the picture, believe me that was the best I could do!