After several months, I returned yesterday to the Pyrenees with one of the best road fellows that you would never lose the buy essays cheap pleasure to ride with, Mr.Ugarte. help me with my homework I have to say that I don’t know if I will ever get bored of pedalling on these special roads, you never know why, if it is because of the narrow roads, peculiar surroundings or whole the story that emanates the Pyrenean climbs.

Yesterday we went out with the intention to reach the legendary Col d’Aubisque. We made only one mistake, a mistake with excellent consequences. We analysed the roadmap while we were having breakfast and we didn’t realized that before the Col d’Aubisque we would find the col du Soulor, a climb that the Tour de France went through for the first time in 1912. Because of this oversight, I just took a sticker in the back pocket of my jersey. As we approached Asson (village at the foot of Soulor) we started seeing signs of Col du Soulor everywhere and the faces of Mr.Ugarte and me lights up. I just realized then that I had to decide where I wanted to stick the sticker and knowing that the initial plan was to climb the Col d’Aubisque, I decided to leave a pending obligation with the Col du Soulor. In this top lacks a sticker, the sticker of L’uomo col martello, and I will be back to do this.

The approachment to the Col du Soulor is wonderful, with narrow roads that cross really idyllic little villages. The 11Kilometers of Soulor starts with a really steep slope and some stretches of sterrato that remembers me the strade bianche of Toscana. The weather was with us until we began to ascend the Soulor, but once we reached to the sixth kilometre, the fog came over the mountain and starts raining aggressively doing the climb even more epic, authentic. We reached the top of Soulor, obviously Mr.Ugarte arrives first and he waited me to start the downhill of  3 kilometres until the beginning of the last 7 kilometres to reach the Col d’Aubisque. We began to descend these 3 kilometres and the rain was still there, this time with much more virulence. Was then when Mr.Ugarte suggest me an old technique that consist of start talking nonsense one after another to forget the cold, humidity and the accumulated fatigue, going forward slowly removing kilometres to the climb. In the ascent to Aubisque also rained, but that no mattered because we were almost on the last kilometres and I had an overwhelming desire to stick the sticker on top.




As can be seen in the photos, the road map I did with the aim to not to get lost along the way, disappears due to the rain and fog, that people called bad weather. In my opinion was the best weather we could have found, and once again cycling in the Pyrenees was an epic experience.