Even if I know that it doesn’t make any sense, I keep thinking that I could have avoided to go up on that sidewalk and miss every chance to fight for anything at the Red Hook Criterium last week.

Cyclocross season starts today and I just devote myself to it, perhaps on a attempt to shift mood and look forwards. It’s rainy and grey though (not surprising), I am on a grey car and my bicycle is grey too… definitely the color of the day, which to be honest, isn’t a big help to take me out from that RHC loop. According to colour psychology, it can be said that grey is linked to almost every negative and gloomy feelings, it is the colour of the forgiveness, the past, the horrible, inhuman, poor… sigh…  the only consolation is that it’s the color of the modesty and I am wearing a grey T-Shirt. I choose that one.

I finish tuning my bicycle just 30 minutes before leaving, so little time for a plate of self imported Garofalo pasta, and there I go, with my grey car, bicycle and T-shirt into that infinite thick grey fog.

The “race” is called Nitxikros, which means something like “marginal cross” (not undergrownd as this term is too cool). In practice a race between friends, more about fun and beers than an ultimate engine test. A great way to start the season, infact our friends from Gijon are driving 4 hours for it.

Race is race, with or without beers, with or without inverted commas. Some crash and keep going, some other gets the chainring in the calf which is hard enough to quit, bloody noses, some elbowing, flat tires and rain of course, rain all the time, rain in and out. You can imagine what happens when you get a dozen children with plenty of beer and mud, plus no parents. They simple don’t stop until they get harm. That physical harm that comes with the cyclocross, regardless of the type, race or “race”, cures the soul. It was indeed a soul curing first cyclocross day, and a color spot on grey.

Thanks so much to Enbizi guys for organizing and Santacatalina team for waiking up that early and driving so long to visit us. Thanks to mybeautifulparking always present despite the 800km in between.

Pics from Antton.