When Le Coq Sportif asked me to design a poster for L’uomo col Martello’s first anniversary I couldn’t feel more excited . I am obviously a passionate cyclist and grimpeur although I am not exactly built for that. Living in Berlin, a city that is as flat as the Dead Sea, I use the small hills of Grünewald to reencounter that missing climbing. They are not big monsters but it is the only choice, and I got to love them.

Back on the poster, the final idea came up out from a long sketching process, as always.


I wanted a poster with meaning and the flavor vision of the all posters from the 40’s, 50’s… thinking about it I realized that the Man with the Hammer is actually the way, that it is the road itself. When you are riding over a climb, the road that “hurts” you the most is not the one ahead, but the one you already rode. It is the road you left behind who will eventually strike with the hammer in your head. When you least expect it.



Available here.