I like to feel the bars and not feeling like a warrior or something while riding my bicycle. I admit that not wearing gloves isn’t the most sensible thing but I don’t ride my bicycle cause it makes sense neither. I ride my bicycle just because I like it as I like to go bare hand.

You can avoid it ones or twice, but sooner or later you are going to crash, and if you don’t like gloves then you better know how to treat those painful and terribly uncomfortable hand palm wounds.

First thing to do is getting rid of the detached skin and washing the wound. Every skin that isn’t fully attached to the meet needs to be removed as it is a deposit for infections. You can use some tweezers and scissors to cut off the skin from the wound boundaries. Then proceed to wash, not washing like on the shower but washing like when you rub a persistent stain from your favourite jersey. You need to eliminate every embedded particle. You can use a gauze and serum for this, or even soak and water. Note that this is probably going to be more painful than the crash so take a depth breath. Congratulations if you can do this on your own.

After this you just need to keep the wounds clean and wet with healing ointment. You just need three things for that: ointment, bandage and adhesive tape. Replace the bandage once or twice a day, and keep the wounds always covered and wet.

It is going to be an uncomfortable week but you’ll be good to re-start the loop again by the end of it!

Hope it helps. The method has been tested during a trip with a tradeshow with lot of hand shaking in between.