Yesterday I was invited at the Cinelli presentation of the new bicycle line for the next year!

Was cool as F**K! Al the Cinelli Gang was involved to create something between a Bicycle Exposition and a proper Art Show. The new products were displayed all around the factory, in the middle of the line production, surrounded by the famous Columbus tubes and with a lot of vintage images from the Cinelli archive. I was stocked by the vintage picture! Eddy Mercks with Ernesto Colnago, Felice Gimondi and Moser, the supercrazy Duch bicycle from Haarlem, Gimondi on a Penny-farthing and  Roger “the Gipsy” De Vlaeminck with a young Antonio Colombo!

I have also spent some times to looking at the live painting by  Matteo Guarnaccia108Luca Di Maggio, El Gato Chimney ( check the link if you don’t know them) with their amazing works.

Well done guys, I’ve love it! Especially the ty and dye Ciao T-shirt of Antonio! Rock On!

Thanks to everyone.