A year with L'uomo col Martello - Virtual

A year with L’uomo col Martello – Virtual

Per coloro che non sono potuti venire giovedì scorso da Deus ex Machina , ecco qui un assaggio di quello che si è visto: il corto diretto da Valerio Musilli sulle strade innevate del Moncenis e le foto che descrivono il primo anno di attività dell’uomo col martello.Grazie a todos PS: WE WILL MAKE IT...


LUCM/3CIME IS OUR FIRST VIDEO. The 20th tappa of 1974 Giro d’Italia started in Pordenone to end on the Tre Cime Di Lavaredo. Inspired by the vintage video report of that tappa, we decided to ride those same roads in a quiet September morning. canadian drugs cialis Anything can happen on a mid-season ride. You...

Graham said. almost look at that instead of looking at the action on the field. If you been there before

Dallas game more special than usual

you meet on the street like back in June, they just like, man, we got to get Dallas, Sanchez said Monday. haven even played a game yet and I just signed here. Linebacker Brandon Graham, struggling to keep his emotions in check, got a bit carried away comparing...