From: San Sebastian (Spain)

Age: 27

Profession: Design Engineer at NOOMAD Bikes.

CV: Engineer and product designer; he loves simplicity in every professional, personal and social college paper writing service aspect. He has worked on Bicycle industry since he lived in Milan, first in MILANI CYCLES, participating from concept stage through the development and final product assembly. Working as a bicycle mechanic in London increased his technical skills and knowledge about the end consumer���������������������������������������������������������������s needs. Nowadays he works on bicycle related innovation.

Antton is our guide and historian, you can see his eyes shining when he speaks about the Flemish roads.

He even remembers the stories his grandfather used to tell him while watching races on tv!



From: Milan (Italy)

Age: 33

Profession: Graphic designer.

Antonio Davide Storelli a.k.a. Bozo is a graphic designer who works in communication since 1998. He has illustration, brand identity, ATL and BTL skills.

He has a huge passion for all kind of bycicles: polo bikes, road bikes, fixies… He rode  from Stuttgart to Barcelona in 10 days without brakes and gears, and he’s a co-founder of Milano Bike Polo.

Rough on the saddle, gentle in the kitchen.








From: Milan (Italy)

Age: 35

Profession: Freelance Photographer.

Experienced Photographer, he has worked mostly for fashion, design and high end consumer goods, and for cycling industry lately with Le Coq Sportif, Campagnolo, San Marco. The constant collaborations with art directors, graphic designers, video makers, magazines and brand advisory & strategic design agencies, give him a clear picture of the whole communication process of a brand/product.

Francesco takes the passion for heritage to another level from the usual collecting and talkin. He is that guy you have ever seen on the Mortirolo, Gabbia, Pordoi or Giau with his Banesto���������s steel Pinarello with 42/26 lowest gear. Indurain would be proud of him.



From: Udine (Italy)

Age: 39

Profession: Quality control manager for a work safety company.

He lives and works in north-east Italy, Friuli, and he takes advantage of every spare moment to feed his passion: sport. From climbing to skiing, windsurfing, running, triathlon.. and bike, above all.

All the landscapes around are his goals, being mountain tops his favourite food. Focused, the most important thing on every new challenge is getting it done. Next goal after FRIES+PAVÈ will be Ironman Klagenfurt.

Mickael is our streamline. The only reason we can not say he is a Super Hero is that he has never shown any sign of crisis or weakness that every hero has. Let’s hope he shows it up on the Flemish roads!



From: Bilbao (Spain)

Age: 27

Profession: ��Freelance designer & engineer.

Engineer (Spain) and designer (Italy) by education he has worked for the automotive industry and cycling industry at 3T the latest. In addition to his natural functions of product designer at 3T, he has participated in the brand development and communication since day one. This, has which has expanded his professional interest to the brand design which he believes goes hand in hand with the product design.

Jon dreams with team cars of “A Sunday in hell” film with clean and perfectly adjusted bicycles fixed on the roof. In fact, he has the most tidy and complete amateur toolbox ever seen. This fixation, all those hours in the basement do not make any good to his social live but it does to our bicycles!



From: Berlin (Germany)

Age: 35

Profession: Freelance Graphic Designer and Illustrator.

With over 14 years working experience as Senior Designer and Art Director in some of the busiest offices, in 2011 he decided to move to Berlin to find some inspiration and improve his professional skills. He is specialized in Brand identity, Graphic design, Illustration, Logotype design, Advertising and Print. He is running an online store featuring limited edition fine art prints:

Every group needs a mad guy. You can get Rocco calling you to ask whether you would go with him fixed gear with a regular backpack from Milan to Barcelona. The Next week!